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Funerals don't just help the living cope with death,
they allow 'the departed' to know they have died !!!

Transformation for the Afterlife
By: Anderson Andrews
The good news is ... most religions agree that there is an Afterlife.
And yet ... they perpetuate the lie ... that someday you will die. 
You do not die ... you just transform.
Your consciousness simply creates an energy body. 
Life and death is a continuous journey ... but 'to die' is an illusion. 
Our beliefs about dying are something we've also been taught to fear.

The Tibetan Book of the Dead and the Egyptian Book of the Dead
are hard to read and understand ... but the 'New' Book of the Dead
is written so that everyone can now comprehend the Afterlife;
for example,  you'll learn the difference between Soul, Spirit, and Entity.

It's spiritual, comforting, and will change your perception of death.
It answers the questions and fills in the gaps that religion fails to do. 
Understand what it's like to go through the dying process.
Discover how to have a joyful and meaningful transition.
Find out how dying is the most important part of your life.
Know where you're going next ... and what you'll experience.

Regular Retail Price $16.99
New 2019 1st Edition ... 392 Pages ... 6 x 9 Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-944786-30-2 2 ... contains some photographs
Tags: AfterlifeReincarnationThe Soul

Topics discussed include all of the following

The Fear of Death
Just How Close is Death? 
The Dying Trajectory
A Good or Honorable Death
Suicide and Assisted Suicide
The Significance of Dying
End of Life Care
Questions about hospice
Conscious Dying
Forgiveness Steps
Embracing the Pain of Life
Lessons we learn from Dying
Listening to Your Body
Wholeness and Balance
Speaking to your Body
When it’s Time to Go ... Let Go.

Legal Issues with Dying
Legal Obligations
Other End of Life Issues
What Does it Mean to be Dead?
How Will I be Remembered?
Fundamentals of Grief
Feeling Your Grief
Remembering a Loss
The Impact of Age
National Grief
Creating and Maintaining a Spiritual Connection
Funeral Rituals
Seven Basic Rituals of a Funeral
Being Dead
Anointing Rituals

Guardian Angels and Archangels
Destination…Is There an Afterlife?
Creating Your Own Reality
A Chosen Death
Becoming More Conscious
Introduction to the Afterlife
Some Basic Metaphysics
Where’s the Evidence?
What Will I Find There?
How does God Fit into this?
A Buddhist View of God
What Other Cultures Say
Into the Realm of Death
Lifting the Veil of the Illusion
Ghosts and Apparitions
Spirit Attachment
Realms of the Afterlife
Planes, Dimensions, Realms
Death Scripts

A Model for the Afterlife
The Near Realm
The Crystalline Realm
The Angelic Realm
A Planned Rebirth
Ascension and Immortality
Can We Really Do It?
Dying Trajectory Meditation
Being Dead Meditation
‘New’ Book of the Dead
Buddhism and the Bardo
History of the Teachings
The First Three Bardo Stages
Experiencing the Bardo Meditation
Transferring Consciousness
Enlightenment and Nirvana
More About the Light Body
Euphemisms for Being Dead
Celebrating Death
The Art of Dying

Please note . . . the Dying Meditation, the Being Dead Meditation, and the Bardo Meditation,
(all found in this book) will be posted on this website, and on YouTube,  in the fall of 2020.
We highly recommend reading the book first, before trying to do any of them.

U.S. suicide rates are at their highest since the 1932 Great Depression ... last year,  14 out of every 100,000 Americans died by suicide, according to the National Center for Health Statistics,  that's a 33% increase from 1999 ... ten years ago. There’s an entire section in this book devoted to suicide and assisted suicide.

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